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Accountant in Tax Returns in Walkern

Walkern, an old village recorded in the Domesday Book, lies in east Hertfordshire on the river Beane. Stevenage is two miles away.

In the 18th Century, Jane Wenham lived in Walkern until she was accused of being a witch. After her trial, she was rescued by William Cowper and hidden in a cottage on his land.

St Mary’s Church in Walkern is claimed to be Hertfordshire’s oldest village church. St Marys has a wall dating from Saxon times and a chalk crucifix from the 10th Century. The church also has a Purbeck marble figure, which is maybe of William de Lanvalei, the local 13th Century baron.

In Walkern there are the public houses ‘The Yew Tree’ (offering a Chinese menu) and ‘The White Lion’. A variety of other retail outlets include the Walkern Gallery, a petrol station, a drum shop, a tea shop, a craft shop, a hairdressers and a general store.

Walkern also has many sports and social clubs, a recreation area, a medical practice and an elementary school.

The former flour mill in opposite the War Memorial in Walkern was powered by what the locals now call the river ‘Has-Beane’ (due to the current dearth of water).

As a Walkern resident, you can get your tax return completed by K&H Accountants.