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Accountant in Sole Traders in Stevenage

The Hertfordshire borough and town of Stevenage can be found between A1 junction 8 and junction 7. Stevenage is to the north of Welwyn Garden City and to the south of Letchworth Garden City. London is about 30 miles to the south of the town.

Stevenage is still growing in size, for example with the recent development of Great Ashby.

The Romans marched past the area that was to become Stevenage, on the road they built  from Baldock to Verulamium (part of present day St Albans).

While constructing the New Town of Stevenage, Romano-British remnants were found. A house builder in Chells Manor stumbled upon a stash of some 2000 Roman coins made of silver.

And nobody can deny the existence of the Six Hills, prominent tumuli next to the old Great North Road, thought to be where a local family was buried.

Fans of the silver screen may remember the films ‘Boston Kickout’ and ‘Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush’, both set in the Stevenage area. Also ‘Spy Game’, though set in Washington DC, was in part filmed in the town of Stevenage.

Your activity as a sole trader is surely more profitable than work as a film extra. To find out, talk to K&H Accountants.