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Accountant in Online Banking in Meppershall

Surmounting a hill and encircled by farmland is the village of Meppershall in Bedfordshire. Meppershall and its Manor House were recorded in the Domesday Book.

The De Meppershall family owned the Manor house for nearly 300 years after 1086, though the current house dates from the beginning of the 17th Century.

In 1844, an Act of Parilament transferred part of Meppershall, then in Hertfordshire, to Bedfordshire.

Building work on the Church of St Mary in Meppershall was started by the Normans.

The extensive use of greenhouses to grow salad crops in Meppershall transformed the fortunes of this village from poverty to relative prosperity. The crops were sold both locally and also transported further afield by the railway.

Who would have thought that a living could be made from fossilised dung? But to supplement their stipend from the sale of salads, the villagers of Meppershall used to extract and grind up this prehistoric poo (called coprolite), process it with sulphuric acid and then sell it as a rich fertiliser. Sadly for the Meppershall micro-economy, this business has also become extinct.

However in recent times, Meppershall residents can benefit from the internet and online banking. Seek out K&H Accountants for further information.