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Accountant in Management Accounts in Letchworth Garden City

Letchworth Garden City, the world’s first garden city and home of Britain’s first roundabout, is situated in north Hertfordshire not far from the border with Bedfordshire.

Present-day Letchworth was founded in 1903 and was based on reforming concepts described in Ebenezer Howard’s book ‘Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform’. The first ‘Green Belt’, an area devoted to agriculture all around the town, was included in the plan.

In keeping with the ideal of healthy living, there was a ban on the sale of alcohol within Letchworth until a 1958 referendum.

Today, there are several housing estates in Letchworth, including the Grange and Jackmans estates.

Various authors have referred to Letchworth in their books.

Larger businesses in Letchworth can benefit from having K&H Accountants prepare their management accounts.