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Accountant in Insolvency in Hitchin

A seventh century document records Hitchin as the central place of the Hicce people. The Domesday Book notes that Hitchin was by then a Royal Manor. Hitchin was probably once protected by an earth bank and ditch, maybe in the 10th Century.

The wool trade prospered in Hitchin, allowing the building of the large 15th Century Church of St Mary. It seems that there were earlier church buildings on this site. In the 19th Century, the grain trade benefitted from the Hitchin corn exchange.

The river Hiz (pronounced ‘Hitch’) runs through the town.

Hitchin has both primary and secondary schools, notably Hitchin Girls School, Hitchin Boys School and The Priory School (mixed).

If your Hitchin business is struggling, K&H Accountants may be able to save you from insolvency.